I came here from an old bookmark i had of your blogspot! lol Your art's changed (and improved!!!) so much!

My blogspot, really??!! It feels like it was a hundred years ago…! Anyway, thank you!

Omg I'm a infj too?? Came for the art stayed for the cook

Ohh that’s great! I usually take personality tests with a grain of salt, buuut I still think this one fits me pretty well (and I’m pretty obsesed with taking every test possible ahaah..)

I WOULD BUY THOSE IN THE FLESH PRINTS YOU MADE SO FAST! By any chance do you sell your artwork anywhere? I'm sorry if you've already answered this kind of question but I really would like to know! Thank you for being wonderful!

I am not selling any of my works anywhere at the moment, but if more people are interested I could try setting up an account somewhere? What site is the best, does anybody have any suggestions?

Are you going to do a rick from in the flesh drawing, because the other three are beautiful and I'd like to see what you'd do with his character. Please?

Oh gosh, I honestly don’t know if I feel strongly enough for him at the moment to create a drawing.. :/ BUT I will rewatch season 1 soon, so let’s see if this makes old feelings resurface or if I’ll gain some new insights (I’ve kind of been avoiding the rewatch because, you know, pain)

Ahhh, your art is gorgeous! Came here for the In the Flesh art (which you've inspired me to do my own iconesque art ;) ), but I'm SO glad I found your art! Your stuff is incredible, and I look forward to whatever you're going to pull off next. Have a great day! n_n

Ohhh I guess it’s pretty much every artist’s wish to hear “I’m not following you ONLY for your fanarts!”. So…thank you! I am also happy to hear I could inspire you with your own works!

You are an amazing artist and I'm really happy to find someone else who likes in the flesh :D

Ahh thank you so much!!

You totally should do it, your art is incredible~! ; A ;)/ Not only the amazing skill level and idea but also the brilliant choice of colours, just wow..

Ah you’re too kind…! ;__; But alright, I will try to do it! Well, as soon as I don’t have to rely on mobile, I’m afraid I will screw something up with my phone..

Tell me you have tweeted Dominic Mitchell these amazing drawings!!

Actually, I have not done that yet…I am a bit shy on doing things like this sob…you think I should?

i am ... wow. your art is stunning!!! i am so impressed like wow!

Oh you are so kind, thank you!!

Amy, the moregeous, beautiful genious & the best dressed zombie girl in town. (She gets angels on the background because she’s an angel herself kill me now)

From the same series: Kieren & Simon

Heya everyone!
I just felt like saying something since I have gained TONS of new followers lately, and I even passed a 1000 follower mark, which I think is pretty good for an account that is as inactive as mine is, ahah…

Anyway, I am glad to see most of my new followers found me because of my In the Flesh fanarts, and I really thought the fandom for this show was really small, but there are so many of you, after all! I do stalk the tags people add to my works occasionally, and so many of you left such nice comments that I’m blushing! So, thank you everyone! I really appreciate your thoughts :)

Also, so you know, if you have any questions or just any kind of comments, feel free to send me a message! I don’t want you guys to think I am unapproachable!
(Oh, though currently I am staying in Germany for a little while because of a language & art course, so replying could take a bit of time. But I will be around whenever possible!)

  · Welcome to Night Vale European Tour

I’m really excited because Night Vale will be touring in Europe too, because I NEVER thought I’d be able to go see them in Finland! I’m not exactly sure how many Finnish fans WTNV has, but I suppose the number is probably surprisingly big (hopefully not too big tho because I need the tickets!). Anyone else planning to go (in Finland or somewhere else in Europe)?